Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We're a Family of Four

 As any family does, we are going through those growing pains of adding a new family member. Except, other than those long nights, it isn't so painful. Harrison is an easy little guy. And Cullen is great with Harrison.
When I first woke up from surgery, I had no idea that Harrison was just a few feet away from me in recovery. James was so focused on helping me, and I was in so much pain, that it didn't even cross my mind to ask. Crazy, I know. This picture is of the first time I got to hold him. It was also Cullen's first glance at Harrison.  
James asked Cullen if he wanted to see Harrison when he walked in. Cullen's response? "Harrison came out? Mommy, I love him!" 
He has since come up with a highly imaginative arrival tale that involves Harrison flying a helicopter and "splatting" out of me. Fantastic.
Cullen is so proud to be a Cullen to a Harrison. He isn't too stoked about the title "big brother."
We are so blessed to have two precious little boys. We're still learning how to be a family of four, but we're getting there. We may not be perfect, but when I see my boys interacting together or sleeping together or just growing and learning, I know we've done something very right.
My boys are my most amazing accomplishment.
xoxo ashley

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  1. Just read about Harrison's entrance! So glad you both are well! Enjoy your family! The infant stage goes by way too fast and is just precious!