Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Projects

I think spring has officially arrived with an onslaught of allergies and beautiful weather. I'll take it. For the first time since moving to Houston, I could actually compare what we're experiencing to Austin weather. It makes me a little bit homesick, but it also reminds me that this is supposed to be home. During a car ride a couple of days ago, James said "when we move back to Austin." When. I loved the glorious sound of it. I'll make the most of what we have, but I'll run back to Austin as soon as I get the chance.

James' mom is set to visit in just a couple of weeks and my Warrior Dash run is in just over a week. I am really looking forward to my running days officially being over. Just a few more runs and I'm going to go buy some of those fun walking sneakers. I'm throwing out my running shoes. Not even saving them for yard work. My knee can't wait.

With Lynn coming to visit, I have been able to finally give myself a deadline for all of my household projects. Things like mulching the garden, painting the guest room, and finishing that afghan I was going to give to Cullen on his first birthday. Easter is like a birthday, right? I even went out and bought new mattresses for the bunk beds. Such an inexpensive update after my Groupon. :)

I'm happy to be getting things done, but my sleep is suffering for it. I'm not willing to waste Cullen's waking hours on these projects. He's too precious to me. I'm really looking forward to my four-day weekend that starts tomorrow. Nap time for Cullen will be my most productive time of day, but I'll be squeezing in plenty of fun along the way. We're going to make it to the zoo with a wonderful friend from middle school and her little boy, we'll have a play date with a beautiful high school friend of mine and her little boy, we'll make it to the rodeo at least once (hoping for twice), I'll have an 80's sing-a-long girls night out, and I'll try to complete as many tasks as humanly possible. I should be ready for another weekend by next Monday.

Today at work, I got the best surprise I've had in a long time. I have an assistant again! This means simple things like getting to leave the office on time, eating lunch more than once a week, and not having to process letters. I hate mailing letters. Hate it. She's a real sweetie, and she's already hard at work. I just hope she sticks around!

Last weekend, we were able to make it over to Peg and Andy's for play time and a yummy dinner. The weather couldn't have been any more beautiful, so we took Cullen to the park for some time on the swings. I think we pushed him for more than 30 minutes. I caught this precious picture of father and son on the walk back to the house. Love my boys!
Dad, the house is that way...

xoxo ashley

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