Sunday, March 20, 2011

Warrior Dash

Courtney and I ran the Warrior Dash yesterday, and we had a blast! We completed the course in a decent time frame, but more importantly, we laughed so much. We ran a 3.2 mile course complete with 13 obstacles.

Obstacle 1: A sand storm. They placed a fan boat in front of a sandy area and blew sand into our faces while we ran.

Obstacle 2: Running up a really steep hill. Seriously steep. They had ropes to hold onto while we tried to go up. I just did my best to pick up speed prior to the hill and use that to propel myself up. To my surprise, it actually worked.

Obstacle 3: Getting back down the hill. They were running a hose to make it extra muddy, so my only option was to slide down the hill. I have a pretty nice scratch up my backside.

Obstacle 4: Trash bag hut? They had set up a low-to-the-ground structure made of contractor trash bags. The ground was rocky and painful to crawl across. The bags were layered, so it was pitch black and the air was dead.

Obstacle 5: Board walls and barbed wire. We had to climb over 4 foot tall walls and then under barbed wire. Breathe and repeat.

Obstacle 6: Cargo nets. Maybe 8 feet off the ground, 30 feet across. The only tough thing about crossing was choosing to cross at the same time as a significantly larger guy. I felt like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Obstacle 7: Bungee cords. Courtney and I used team work to climb between the bungee cords. Too low to go under them, too high to go over them. We had to go in between.

Obstacle 8: More cargo nets. 25 feet almost straight in the air, over the top, back down the 25 feet almost straight down. The only scary part was going over the top.

Obstacle 9: Tires. Drill style tire hopping. I have no idea how I didn't fall down.

Obstacle 10: Swimming and logs. Swimming through chest deep water and climbing up and over logs. Again, Courtney and I used team work to press the logs down to get over them.

Obstacle 11: Hay bales. Climbing up stacks of hay bales and climbing back down. The only tough part was the deterioration of the setup from prior runners.

Obstacle 12: Fire jump. Two rows of taller-than-expected flames to be jumped over.

Obstacle 13: Mud pit with barbed wire. The barbed wire was high, but the mud pit was not as expected. It was basically a hole in the ground filled with water and mulch.

I would do this race again, but only with friends. I feel so accomplished!

xoxo ashley

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