Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Night Time Adventures and New Looks

This past weekend, James went down to Alice, Texas with his co-workers to do some "work" at the company's lease. I have no idea how much work they actually did, but James seemed to have a lot of fun.

While he was gone, Cullen and I made the best of our weekend together. I stayed up late on Friday, so (of course) Cullen woke up at 6 on Saturday. We got in plenty of play time before heading to the children's museum where I got so many great pictures. As is to be expected, they're on the regular camera (as opposed to my iPhone), so they haven't been put on a computer yet. James has promised it will happen this weekend. I guess we'll see.

Our sad moment on Saturday was dropping off Stella at the kennel. In the not too distant future, she will be flying to Okinawa. When I agreed that we could keep Stella, it never occurred to me how attached Cullen would become. He absolutely fell in love with Stella. On Saturday afternoon, he spent the better part of three hours screaming, "Stella. Home." On Sunday afternoon, we were watching AFV, and they featured a video of a Boston terrier jumping up and down. Cullen spotted it and started screaming for Stella. This morning he asked me, "Where Stella?" I'm hoping this gets easier for him.

I was absolutely exhausted Saturday night, so Cullen decided he would stay up late and be cranky. I realize in sharing the following story that I may never be eligible for a mom of the year award, but it's honest.

As soon as Cullen went to bed, I was done. I went straight to bed. An hour later, Cullen was up screaming for Stella and Daddy. I couldn't soothe him, so I ended up bringing him downstairs to put him in bed with me. I figured the other option was me falling to sleep while holding him, and that didn't seem like the best idea.

Cullen tossed and turned in bed, but he wasn't screaming anymore, so I fell to sleep. At one point, he woke me up asking for "pets," which means he wanted to watch WonderPets. I denied his request. He hit me over the head with the remote control. I either fell to sleep or lost consciousness.

Next thing I know, I hear Cullen saying, "Mama. Bed." In my own delirious state, I couldn't figure out where in the room he was. Then I realized it was over the monitor. Cullen had climbed out of the bed, opened our bedroom door, gone upstairs, and curled up on the floor next to his crib. At least he knows where he's supposed to sleep. I think.

James came home on Sunday, and life returned to normal. Ha.

Yesterday, I took Cullen in for a haircut. I think the last one was in May, so it might have been a bit overdue. Below you see Cullen pre-haircut and his hilarious smile he gives now when he knows a picture is being taken.
Shortly after his haircut, he decided that he wanted some $5 plastic toy that I wouldn't get for him. He threw himself on the floor crying. I carried him out of the place under my arm. I have no idea what my exit strategy is going to be when he gets too big for that. 

xoxo ashley

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