Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Scout has been growing at an awesome rate, and I'm really trying to enjoy my down time when I get it. This past weekend, I had four birthday orders. Two of the orders were simple and easy, two of them were more elaborate. Admittedly, the elaborate orders are better for me. It isn't as easy, but it sure is a fun experience to create and design something new.
Like Minnie Mouse. Inspired by my prior attempts at Mickey Mouse. Isabella is a precious little girl, and all she wanted for her 6th birthday was Minnie Mouse. Done deal. 
Dana hosted a fantastic ice cream party for Bennett's first birthday. Complete with milkshake cupcakes. She found a great picture, and I feel like I did a pretty good job of translating them.
James helped Brian by making a hot dog tower. He was pretty impressed with his work. 
And, of course, Cullen spent half of the party in a swing. He really really really really loves swinging. When we get the chance to play on a big swing set, I think we made a mistake in getting a little one for the backyard. Someday, we'll have a big swing set in the yard. 
With it being Bennett's first birthday and all, there had to be a smash cake. I love that Dana was completely unconcerned with the mess he was going to make. She is such a fabulous mom, and her boys are living proof of it.  
Cullen loved his cup of ice cream. And by ice cream, I mean marshmallows, chocolate chips, and gummy worms. He doesn't actually like his ice cream to touch his toppings, so he just got a cup full of toppings. He was happy, and that made everyone else happy. 
On the way home, James made the mistake of trying to drive through town to avoid traffic on the Beltway. Cullen has been wearing the cutest (and smelliest) shoes my sister-in-law sent from Japan. He love his brown shoes, and he wears them almost everyday. Unfortunately, they are getting to be too small, so I've been looking for something similar to replace them. As it turns out, Toms are a pretty close match and are actually cheaper than Cullen's usual Stride Rites. And since we were already there, I had to get myself a pair. Cullen's are navy, and mine are silver glitter, but it's still fun. They are ridiculously comfortable. Too bad I couldn't talk James into a pair. He may never enter a Nordstrom again.There was some special in the makeup department, so he and Cullen rode the escalators while I shopped. 
On Sunday, I used my down time to make jalapeno jelly. What do you do with your down time? It isn't the best I've ever had, but it turned out pretty well. It's a work in progress.
After Cullen's nap, we took him to see Finding Nemo. Cullen hadn't been to a movie theatre yet, and he really loved it. I didn't get any pictures, because it was dark (being a movie theatre and all), but he had the best time. He loved the 3D, his fun glasses, his candy and "Mee-Mo." I think James and I enjoyed the movie just as much, and we spent half the movie watching Cullen. He was absolutely mesmerized. Just kidding about no pictures. James got a picture while I was shoveling down my popcorn. Surprise, surprise.
This is Cullen sitting on the floor in the car after the movie. He wanted to go back inside to watch Meemo again. He also wanted to play in the arcade. Exciting times for this little guy! It took a whole lot of coaxing to get him into his seat for the drive home. He's learned that we aren't going anywhere until he's buckled in, so his new fight for freedom is to just not get into his seat.

This week, Cullen's Halloween costume came in. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but rest assured that he is going to be adorable. I have a little bit of alterations work to do, but it will easily be his best showing yet.

Earlier this week, a neighbor of ours listed on our neighborhood website that he was selling two refrigerators. For only $100, we scooped a nearly-new fridge for our garage. We've wanted a drink fridge since we've owned a home, and I couldn't be more thrilled to finally have that reality. It's going to be wonderful to not worry about a cooler full of drinks when we host a party, and awesome to have space for cakes and barbecue when the need arises. Tonight, we'll be cleaning out the fridge and both freezers to re-arrange everything. The exciting lives of grown ups. Cullen was at his finest when I drove the truck home with the refrigerator in the back. James rode in the bed of the truck to keep it steady, and Cullen was so excited about his new "re-fridge-a-later." It's the little things.

Last night, I enjoyed another awesome (and free!) yoga class that Amy was hosting. My friend, Amy, is working to get her yoga certification, and I am loving going to her classes. She is a natural, and I always leave feeling refreshed. I don't know what I'm going to do when she gets certified and stops holding classes in her living room!

Some exciting news about upcoming events... My website is nearly done for Scout. After multiple attempts to make it work, I broke down and decided to pay someone to do it. Scott and Jennifer have come up with a great design, and I can't wait to unveil it to the world!

And I'm going to Nashville! The trip isn't scheduled until February, but I can't wait. One of my favorite friends moved to Nashville to follow her heart almost a year ago, and I haven't gotten to see her since she left. I'm sure it will be an entertaining weekend, and I can't wait for it. After booking my flight yesterday, I realized that I have never flown solo for a trip that wasn't work-related. It made me feel young. I can't wait!

xoxo ashley

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