Monday, October 22, 2012

Dewberry Farms Day

Last weekend, we ventured out to Dewberry Farms to pick pumpkins. If we're being really honest, we drove all the way out to Hockley to go to the Oil Ranch only to find that it was closed for a private event. You would think they would mark that sort of thing on their website. Either way, we drove all the way back in the opposite direction to Dewberry Farms. After what felt like HOURS in the car, we arrived. Long lines, dust clouds, and a bunch of grumpy grown ups.

I think all of the chaos was exciting for the kids, because they just hopped in the wagon and were ready to go. Cullen didn't fully appreciate two cute girls in his wagon. I think it was more of an irritation that someone was in his space. He got over it pretty quickly and enjoyed the company.
Dewberry Farms has so many redeeming and fantastic characteristics, but I don't love that you have to pay for everything in addition to paying to get in. The important thing is that the kids had a blast.

Cullen wasn't a fan of feeding the goats, but he enjoyed watching James do it.
And he didn't want to feed the ducks, but he liked watching them.
And he didn't care for the pig races, but he liked standing on the fence with the girls before the race started. 
And sitting on Daddy's shoulders.  
I felt kind of bad for the little pigs, but we had fun just the same. 
Next stop, the super cool photo op with the "cool bus."
They have this really awesome slide that is rollers the whole way down. Lola made it look so easy.
Cullen didn't want to go down by himself, so I went with him. Per my usual stubbornness, I ignored James when he told me I was going to go fast. I think I had more fun than Cullen.
Finally, we have all of the kids looking in almost the same direction and smiling.
Next was the big bounce thing. Cullen had a great time with it.
One last stop before heading home was to pick out our pumpkins. Cullen knew the drill, so he hopped out of the wagon and started picking. He makes this look like it's no big deal, right?
Just carrying this little pumpkin to the wagon...  
We weighed that little pumpkin at check out. Ten and a half pounds! That little boy is strong!
And our front porch is crowded with FOUR pumpkins. Cullen was so pleased with himself!
After Dewberry Farms, we went to lunch and ice cream. The kids were really great through lunch and even better through ice cream. They were so precious together!
Mr. Sticky Hands brought his toppings with him in the car. Why not, right? It was his day after all!
I love these weekends spent making memories with our little family.

xoxo ashley

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