Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Last year on the morning of Halloween, my iPhone pooped out on me and refused to take pictures. And then I got really busy that evening and forgot to take pictures with my regular camera. And then I remembered this like a week later. And getting a kid into a cheeseburger costume a week after the fact to pretend like it's Halloween? Yeah. Right. He was so over it.

I'm pretty determined that this won't happen again this year, so I took pictures this morning. Before I could forget. I also took a bunch last night that I can pretend are actually from Halloween if I forget tonight. I'm so prepared, it's ridiculous.

Last night, Cullen ate pumpkin pie for dinner. Before you go thinking I'm a bad mom, I would like to remind everyone what a picky eater he is. Besides, who doesn't want pie for dinner every now and then? And for dessert? He had macaroni and cheese. It all balanced out in the end.
After dinner, we carved pumpkins. By "we," I really mean that James carved pumpkins. I scraped out the insides, and Cullen flung pumpkin seeds around the kitchen. Cullen is super proud of his Cullen pumpkin and Daddy pumpkin. Mommy got to save the other two for another month of fall decor on the porch. 
And because Cullen no longer likes sleeping in his bed or in his room, I found this on the floor this morning. Scout was guarding him like the occasionally-awesome dog that she is.  
Cullen is Woody this year! After extensive searching and way too much time spent on the issue, Cullen is Woody. And he loves it. He loves his hat and his boots and his scarf and his shirt. And he says, "Howdy buckaroos." Too. Cute. 
xoxo ashley

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