Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Cousins Visit

 Last week, James' cousin came into town with her five kids. I love them like they're my own, and it's always so great to see them. Cullen is getting more and more acclimated to the group, and his response is so much better now than it was two short years ago. He is thrilled by the noise and fun, and he's happy to be a part of it.

Example A: Bath time with the twins.
How cute are Carly and Cassidy in their little bath caps?
Example B: Chaos in Peg and Andy's room. All six of the kids were in here jumping, climbing, jogging, and playing. A video would show the actual incident even better. They are so fun! 
Example C: Cullen giving Hunter a high five at dinner. He loves when he gets included with the older kids.  
On Friday night, I was lucky enough to bring one of the Littles home with me. Lauren stayed with us and played with Cullen. Cullen is crazy in love with her, and he keeps asking to have her come stay with us again. She read him "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" once, and now it's his favorite book. He even sleeps with it. 
Lauren was a great sport about her toddler play time, and I think she enjoyed getting to sleep in and have a custom breakfast. She's so sweet, and it's easy to spoil her.  
Now we're just counting the days until the Little family visits again. We can't wait!

xoxo ashley

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