Thursday, January 10, 2013

Big Boys & Bears

This past week has been full of fun and activity for our little family. We've been so busy with so many projects around the house that all revolve around getting Cullen 100% into his big boy room. He's been sleeping in there for two months now, but it has been full of our junk and completely lacking in his. As much as Cullen is enjoying his two-bedroom status, I don't want him to get too comfortable. Someday, we'd like to put another baby in that nursery!

Last weekend, we cleared all of our mess out of the "new" room and moved some of Cullen's things in. During my lunches this week, I've done some shopping to get Cullen's new bedding and dresser. Thanks to Ikea and their fun color schemes, Cullen will have a blueberry dresser that will complement his new Pottery Barn bedding set. Next up will be cleaning out the nursery to differentiate between big boy toys and baby things. Our trash guy has got to be hating me right now, as I'm throwing out things left and right, but things are really starting to come together. I'm hoping to have everything done with the updates in the next couple of weeks. Then I'll be off to my next project!

Cullen is becoming more and more involved with his school work, and it is such an easy conversation now when I ask him what they talked about at school that day. A couple of days ago, Cullen came home with Corduroy.  
Cullen's description went a little something like this: "Hi Mommy! This is Corduroy. He lost his button. He has an eye and an eye and a nose and a mouth and a button but not this button because he lost it." I thought it was beyond adorable, so I promptly stuck it with the mail to carry it into the house and creased him right down the middle. Mom fail.

Cullen continues to be a total rock star with the potty training, but if you tell Cullen he's a rock star, he will correct you. He's a Cullen. As always, this season is my favorite with Cullen so far. There are so many fun baby things that I miss, but he's the best little guy a mom could ask for!

xoxo ashley

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