Friday, January 25, 2013

Make You Feel Good

James spent the early part of this week in New Orleans for work. Because his departing and arriving flights corresponded well with my schedule, I offered to drop him off and pick him up. It's always nice to have extra time as a family, and I knew Cullen would love seeing the airplanes so close at hand. 

The downside I didn't anticipate was that Cullen was expecting to actually put James on the plane. Dropping him off at the front door of the airport was a bit disappointing. Lucky for me, Cullen has a pretty quick rebound rate, and we were back to Hakuna Matata in no time. 

James was due to arrive back at home on Wednesday evening, so we hurried home from work/school, got dinner and bath time out of the way, and headed back up to the airport with Cullen dressed in pajamas and slippers. We pulled up just as James' flight was landing, so we decided to park and go in to wait for him. 

The last time Cullen was in an airport was almost three years ago, so everything was really new and exciting to him. Baggage claim, moving walkways, and big televisions everywhere! It was about a 15 minute wait before we saw James at the top of the escalator, but I can assure you that the wait did not dampen Cullen's excitement in the least. (I cannot say the same about my refusal to pay for a massaging chair while we waited.) Cullen yelled, "Daddy! Look, it's my daddy! That's my daddy up there!" 

One of James' co-workers said she almost cried to see Cullen so excited to see his daddy. It really warms my heart to know how crazy my boys are about each other. I think the best comment of all was as we headed home in the car with another one of James' co-workers. Ben told James that it must feel pretty awesome when Cullen gets so excited. After a short pause, he added, "I bet it makes you both feel good."

And that comment almost brought me to tears. Because it does make us both feel good. Because it thrills me that I married a man who is incredibly supportive, kind and loving to me. And I love what an amazing father he is to our son. I'm one very lucky girl. And that is something else that makes me feel good.

xoxo ashley

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