Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Family Fun at Froberg's

We love Froberg's. Oh my word. I love their strawberries so much, and I love shopping in their little farmer's market. I love that we go every year, and I hope it's a tradition we keep forever. 

Our first year out to Froberg's was in 2011. Back when I got every other Friday off, Amy and I took Cullen and Hadley. They toddled around, Cullen pulled Hadley in the wagon, we got lost trying to find a park for a picnic, and Cullen had the now-infamous black eye. Where does the time go?
 Last year, we made it a family affair. James, Cullen and I picked five pounds of strawberries, and I made myself sick eating them all. I can't find those pictures to save my life.

This year, we decided to meet the Ernst family for a day out in the field. The boys were adorable and hilarious. Of course, there are no pictures of all three of them. There is this great one of Cullen. He tripped and fell down, so I asked him to stay down so I could get a picture. He yelled "cheese" loud enough for everyone to hear and made this face. Still perfect.
Because I have recently become ridiculously obsessed with particular food groups, I decided to pick some extra strawberries this year. With just under 12 pounds, we have enough for snacking, making preserves, making pies, and I have no idea what else. I spent a couple hours last night cleaning and hulling them. Tonight, I make pies and preserves. Anybody want pies and preserves? 
We haven't finished even a tenth of them yet, and I can't wait to go back. I think I see strawberries with pound cake in my future. Yum.

xoxo ashley

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