Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mommy and Me

This past weekend, James went out of town with some friends, so Cullen and I had the weekend to ourselves. Cullen asked if he could sleep in our bed, and I agreed to it, because I knew it might actually keep him in a bed instead of playing in the middle of the night.
Obviously, he had no problems getting comfortable. He's a cute little sleeper. 
We had very little television time mixed with a whole lot of play time. Cullen was really great about keeping himself occupied while I took care of things around the house. He loves having me play with him, but he also loves his alone time. While putting away laundry, I paused to ask him what he was doing. "The dinosaurs are getting the police car." Modern day Jurassic Park. 
We also had dinosaur riding. Who doesn't want to ride a house cat sized T-Rex? 
As Easter approaches, I'm doing my best to make sure that we don't end up with more stuff we don't need in the house. Between sales and coupons, I ended up with a $10 game of Hungry Hungry Hippos for Cullen's basket. I was pretty pumped about the good deal, so I called James to share the news. He told me that he was expecting my exciting news to be that I "bought an Icee or something." Yep. I did that, too.

I'm also working on teaching the true meaning of Easter to Cullen. Despite my best intentions and our lengthy story times, Cullen has decided that Jesus is his friend who will also hunt Easter eggs. I guess it's a start.

This Saturday, I'll be out at Morton Ranch High School selling cake balls and cupcakes. If you're in need of a cupcake or twelve, stop on by!

xoxo ashley

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