Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jesus and the Easter Bunny

I love Easter. Seriously love it. It requires very little prep work, it's a great excuse for fun activities, and Cullen's school is closed on Good Friday, so we're practically forced to take a three day weekend. I was particularly excited about this Easter, because Cullen is reaching a stage where he gets excited about upcoming events. He was pumped about Easter.

We had a pretty good time decorating eggs. I tried to get everything set up in a really organized manner. Oh well. We all had multi-color fingers when we were done, and Cullen's jammies might have a few more spots than they did before. Luckily, the spots blend in well with the webs. 
Cullen thought it was pretty fun to color the eggs. I think he found his calling best in telling us that we could not eat the eggs. They would make our tummy hurt. 
I'm pretty sure I bought an old batch of dye or something. Most of the eggs were unintentionally spotted and awkward. There's always next year! 
After we finished dying the eggs, Cullen asked me to peel one for him to eat. The look on his face says it all. He was not pleased with the cheese-like texture of the egg white. I wish I had a video of his face while he spit out the egg yolk. Cullen is not an egg fan. 
Saturday night, I made a lemon meringue pie for our Sunday lunch with my parents. It came out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself. 
This year was our first Easter to really work on teaching Cullen the true meaning of Easter. It's a tough chore to tell a three year old about crucifixion, death, and rising from the dead. Just mentally come up with an age-appropriate story. Harder than you might think, right?

Cullen interpreted it a few different ways. One of them was that Jesus would be hunting Easter eggs with Cullen. Jesus is our friend, so I let that one slide. The most prominent interpretation completely wiped out the Easter Bunny (fine by me), and replaced EB with Jesus. 

On Sunday morning, Cullen woke me up to tell me that Jesus put fun things in his basket. He then proceeded to tell me that Jesus drove away in His car before Cullen had a chance to say thank you. I didn't have the heart to correct him. Jesus gave us so much, and I'm fine with Cullen believing that Jesus popped by to put some marshmallow Peeps in his basket.  

Who wants to ruin Easter for this little guy? Not me.
Cullen ate the head off three Peeps and gave up on the sugar. I don't think he's touched his Easter candy since then. I should probably throw it out before he remembers that it's there.
I was too sick for Easter morning church, but that didn't stop me from forcing Cullen into a button-down for his Easter egg hunt in the front yard. Let's just ignore the fact that he's in shorts and flip flops.  
Did Jesus hide Easter eggs in your garden? Pretty special, right? 
Our next Easter will involve one more Easter basket. Can't. Wait.

xoxo ashley

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