Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sleeping In

This past week has been full of nothing extraordinary. We had lots of family time with Steph's kids, and a fun evening with Megan and Lee for shrimp and (if you're me) a nap on their new couch. We keep trying to squeeze in a bit too much for the sick, pregnant lady, but I wouldn't miss it for the world. 

I think the best part of my weekend was our little family sleeping in on Sunday. We slept until after we should have left the house for church, and it was fabulous. 

Cullen has gotten into the habit of coming downstairs around 7:30 on the weekends with all of his "things." He carts down his pillow, two blankets, and three stuffed animals. I have no idea how he actually makes it down the stairs with all of these items, as he only does it when we're still asleep. Once downstairs, he wakes me up, asks me to cover him with his blankets, and lays there for about 15 minutes before getting bored. I usually use that time to mentally prep myself for actually getting out of bed. Once upon a time, I was a morning person. This pregnancy has taken that away from me.

On Sunday, Cullen slept until 9:30. A special thanks to Megan and Lee for letting him run around their house for hours on Saturday. 
I wish I slept that soundly.

xoxo ashley

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