Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Boy Updates

I find it hard to believe that it's already July. Wow. This is our last full month before our latest addition makes his arrival. I can't believe it has all passed so quickly! And that I've done next to nothing to prepare. Oops.

Cullen will be finishing up the last of his swim lessons today. We went from good to awful to great. Last Friday, Aunt Peg and Uncle Andy even came to watch Cullen swim around. Of course, Aunt Peggy brought Cullen treats for after swim. He can't smile in this picture, because the entire pack of fruit snacks is in his mouth. 
We spent our weekend with friends. Lunch with James' college roommate and his precious family, a birthday party, lots of errands, a visit with my parents, and dinner with Megan and Lee. I didn't take it easy or relax at all, but maybe I can squeeze that in later? 

Cullen is becoming more and more aware of the upcoming change. On a daily basis, we discuss the changes "when the baby comes." It's pretty funny what he does and doesn't absorb. No matter how much we talk, I don't think any of us perceive the full gravity of the change. We'll know more soon enough!

A couple of nights ago, Cullen told me I could take his blue car to sleep in my room. Since he sleeps with his blue car almost every night, that's a pretty big deal. He told me he didn't want me to be scared. Big kid.

Last night, we stopped at Chick Fil A for dinner on the way home from swim. Cullen has gotten to be a big kid about so many things. I love that he was so excited about this cow. Not too long ago (or maybe it was about three years ago), cows made him cry.  
We are getting to the point where we can pretty much say weeks until new baby's arrival instead of months. Like five to six weeks. Wow. That's not very many of those weeks. 

The nausea continues on an almost daily basis. Within the last week, the FDA has approved two new anti-nausea medications that are safe during pregnancy. I got to pick up one of them yesterday. I laughed pretty hard when I found out that you have to take it on an empty stomach immediately before bed. Are they seriously suggesting that a pregnant lady go to bed hungry? I'm a believer after the first good night's rest in months. Even if they did put a really awkward picture on the pills. 
This next week, we get to have another ultrasound when we see Dr. Schmidt. As much as I love feeling this little guy move, it's so much more fun to see him on the screen. It's hard to remember these moments with Cullen, so I'm thrilled to get to experience it again. 

I've done a very minimal amount of shopping to prepare for this little boy, but I've gotten most of our old stuff cleaned and ready for his arrival. The only things we really NEED this time around are a new car seat and diapers. Thanks to one of our favorite family members, our needs list has recently been cut down to just diapers. Which means I can think about the things we want. And maybe, just maybe, start thinking about things like putting that car seat in the car and packing a hospital bag. We're having another baby boy. And soon!

xoxo ashley

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