Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Borrowed Time

This past week has been incredibly busy for our little family. I think James and I were hoping that things would slow down as we approached our new time as a family of four. Instead, we continue to cram in more activities before things get even busier. 

On Friday, each of our offices had their respective baby showers for us. Between the gifts and gift cards received, we have pretty much cleared out our entire registry. If you want to get us something, we love Huggies. We are really blessed to have such great support systems at work, and we're pretty excited to have some new things for our new addition. 

We (and by we, I mean James) spent all of Saturday with the pit. There was a lot of meat and a lot of laughter. It's always nice to spend time with friends, and it wears us all out enough that everyone gets a good night of rest. I woke up early on Sunday, but Cullen slept in, so I still managed to get in some quiet time to read part of the newspaper. 

Sunday was mostly a day of recovery, but we had some friends over to work on the nursery. I think I've been avoiding putting things away in there, just because I hate telling Cullen that he can't hang out with me while I get it done. At the same time, we all know that I would get nothing done if Cullen was "helping" with that project. Megan was a huge boost in morale for me, and I was able to get every single item put away in its proper place. We even have clean sheets on the crib that Harrison may not sleep in for months. But it looks nice!

I still have a few projects to wrap up before Harrison's arrival, but I have my list down to a manageable level. I honestly expect to have the list complete before the end of the upcoming weekend. If it isn't complete, I (at the very least) need to pack my hospital bag. That one is a 15 minute project I've been putting off for a few weeks now. With just a couple of weeks to go, I should probably get to work on that. 

As time closes in on us, I'm really trying to get more talks and one-on-one time in with Cullen. Moments where we really get to talk about whatever is on his heart at the moment. Cullen regularly says things that leave us in stitches, and there have been a couple recently that really stuck with me. 

If you've known me for very long, you likely know that I have to fill in my eyebrows with a pencil. There are more scars from chickenpox than hairs, so it's just a little part of my morning routine. Cullen caught me "coloring them" on Monday morning and said, "You color your eyebrows? I just have hairs for eyebrows." 

On Monday afternoon, we had to take Scout in to get her flu shot. Dogs get flu shots, you ask? If they want to be boarded at the place we take Scout, apparently, they do. Scout is a terrible passenger in the car. She gets carsick, she walks around aimlessly, and she falls down when you're sitting at a stoplight. Making a turn while she's standing can be devastating. As we turned onto 10 to head to the vet, I told Scout and Cullen to "hold onto your britches." It's not like Scout sees that as a warning or that Cullen even needs the warning, but I said it anyway. I laughed when Cullen reminded me that Scout doesn't have any hands. She also does not have any britches. 

As our little family lives on borrowed time before we become a bigger family, keep us in your prayers. We've got some big changes coming up very soon. As much as I'm looking forward to the new things ahead of us, I'm really holding onto what we have now. We're some lucky people.

xoxo ashley

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