Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Losing Focus

I'm finding it increasingly hard to focus on any one task. There's just too many things left to do before our family expands. Last night, I managed to install the car seat mirror, bake four cakes, roll out seven dozen cake balls, paint wooden letters for a wreath, and completely forget to eat dinner. I'm not sure what I'm completing anymore, but I've started quite a few projects. I'm going to start trying to complete projects in the morning when I can't sleep.

There's always time for Icees and cups of ice. That's not really a project, but it's a luxury I'm making time for. It takes a long time to eat a Route 44 cup of ice. 
I've been avoiding buying new things for our new arrival, because I know his closet is already full of clothes. I had a ridiculously stressful day last week, so I went and shopped the clearance rack at Carter's. One itty bitty outfit for Harrison and one huge (at least it seemed that way to me) set of pajamas for Cullen, and I was all better for less than $10. 
That afternoon, I got home to find two new sets of Inchbug labels in the mail. I guess his name is official now. No turning back!
During our walks through L&D at both of our potential hospitals, I noticed that so many of the rooms had these adorable wreaths on the doors. One Pinterest visit later, I was sold that I had to have one, too. I didn't want my baby to be the only one without one! I bought all of the supplies yesterday and started by painting the wooden letters last night. If I give an hour to this project each evening, I should have it done by next week. Maybe.
In a couple of days, both of our offices are throwing baby showers for us. At my request, we're not having any outside of work. I just feel weird about asking friends to buy us gifts when they've already done it. And we hardly need anything this time anyway! We're doing some BBQing on Saturday, and then Megan and I will spend Sunday sorting through baby items and getting things organized. If it wasn't actually on my calendar, it might not get done. That's embarrassing. 

xoxo ashley

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