Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Soaking Up The Summer

As we churn into the last month of my pregnancy, it's becoming more and more real that we are about to be a family of four. It seems to really freak James out when I say things like "just a few more weeks." 

While normal people would be moving into their every two weeks part of the pregnancy, we are closing in on weekly visits. To be quite honest, I don't mind. I enjoy listening to James and Dr. Schmidt joke around, and it's so much easier to talk to the doctor instead of calling the nurse all the time like this is my first pregnancy. Not that I do that.

At my appointment last week, I was diagnosed with anemia. As I sat there crunching on my Route 44 cup of ice (ice cravings are symptomatic of anemia), the doctor shares my results like it's no big deal. I'm on some iron supplements and will be eating lots of red meat about a month from now. Steaks, cheeseburgers, and Lupe fajitas top my list. Until then, keep on with the cheap ice at Sonic. Yum.

We also got another peek at our little guy. This is the first ultrasound we've gotten that isn't an exact match for Cullen. This little one is a tiny bit smaller than Cullen was at this stage, and his profile looks a little bit different. Maybe this one will look like mommy? Only time will tell!
After our appointment was Cullen's big brother class at the hospital. He is still not a fan of being a "big brother," but he seems happy enough being a Cullen with a baby. Oh well. He learned about toys you don't give to babies, how to change a diaper (like I would really let a 3 year old do that?), and to never feed a baby anything (Mommy and Daddy are in charge of that). The end of the class was a tour of the L&D wing of the hospital, so Cullen has now gotten to see both hospitals. I'm hoping that will make the sight of Mommy in a hospital bed a little less frightening.  
After sibling class? Empanada dinner. We're getting him closer and closer to eating ones with filling. So close. 
Saturday morning, we started out at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Cullen really enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to a trip back while I'm on maternity leave and Cullen is in school. I think it's safest if we don't take the caped crusader into the Faberge exhibit. Cullen was equal parts intrigued and frightened by some of the dinosaurs, but it was such a neat experience. While walking under a T-Rex, Cullen turned to James and said, "Pick up the Batman." It will probably be no big deal next time we're there. 
Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Peg and Andy's for some down time. Peg, Lynn, and I got our nails done while the boys went swimming. Cullen has really blossomed this summer in the pool, and I'm guessing we'll be able to call him water safe by next summer. Luckily, my parents have a heated pool, so maybe we won't have to take a months-long break before picking back up on swimming next summer.  
I feel bad when I think about the fact that Cullen's leisurely baths may be cut short pretty soon. I'm hoping he can still enjoy bubble baths while our new little guy uses an infant tub next to the garden tub. In my mind (where things go so magically), I'll be able to get Cullen set up with a bubble bath, bathe and re-dress the little one, and then finish up Cullen's bath while our other child sits quietly and waits? Ha. 
As my nesting mode starts to creep in, I'm freaking out a little bit that I've done next to nothing to prepare for this baby. It's just too easy when all you have to do is clean up some of the things you already have! Lucky for us, we were recently gifted a new carseat and a new stroller. The stroller arrived yesterday, so Cullen "helped" me put it together and then practiced pushing his baby around the kitchen. After getting the stroller put together, Cullen asked, "Can he come out now?" 
Before we know it, there will be a real baby in that stroller, and we will be all kinds of busy. We're excited to meet our new little blessing!

xoxo ashley

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