Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sick Baby

In a two week span, Cullen has now managed to get sick twice. He spent all of last week home with a virus, and now he's working on this week. Watching a baby feel sick is miserable. All you can do is hug on him and hope for the best. Lucky for our little family, we have an amazing friend that is providing Cullen lots of snuggles today.

So that James and I could both get some work done, Cullen's "Aunt" Katie is at the house taking care of him. How lucky are we? Not only is she taking awesome care of our precious little boy, she is doing it while he is sick. Boy do we owe her!

I sure do hope the illness and crummy weather pass before the weekend. If not, our Austin trip might get postponed again. Nothing to do but pray!

xoxo Ashley

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