Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All Well Again

We are all healthy and well again! Just as Cullen was making his full recovery from virus number 2, I seemed to catch it. Of course, we didn't make our trip to Austin, and James spent the weekend feeling like a single parent while I tried to recover. I just hope that means we're all covered for illness for a while.

Last night, I went out for our monthly girls night with some awesome friends. We are always a little too loud, but we laugh so much, and it is a wonderful escape. Since my birthday is this weekend, the girls put together a little surprise party complete with cake and presents. So fun!

We are struggling to survive the Houston summer heat once more. I think I elected to forget just how bad these summers get, but Mother Nature took great care to remind me. Thankfully, we have some great friends with an awesome pool. This weekend, we will be lounging poolside and letting the babies get in some water play. Maybe I'll even sneak in a mani pedi.

I'm also going to spend some time with a good friend of mine who is expecting her little boy to arrive any day now. I'm going to take inventory in her nursery and make sure she is all set for Ayden's arrival. I personally feel like it's easier to enjoy your little one when there aren't other things to worry about. I am seriously looking forward to installing the car seat. So fun!

xoxo Ashley

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