Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long Weekends Are Wonderful

A four day weekend is such an amazing blessing. After spending a week caring for a sick kiddo and busting my behind at work to renew my July 1st accounts, I was so ready to spend the weekend vegetating. We definitely stayed busy with lots of activities, but we also spent a lot of time just hanging out. Such a simple thing to take for granted!
As of today, little Cullen is eight months old. He is getting so much more lively and active every single day. He is crawling and pulling up now. He has been trying really hard to pull himself up for about a week, and he is doing a great job with a little help. Yesterday morning he decided to pull himself up on the side of the bathtub. While I was rinsing his hair. I almost threw up my Cheerios. He did it all on his own, but it was a prime example of fear and pride. I love my little guy.

This weekend, we're headed to San Marcos to watch a friend race in the Texas Water Safari. After the race, we're going to Austin for an early dinner and then heading back home. No rest for the weary! I can't wait for Cullen to meet some of our Austin friends!

xoxo Ashley

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