Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome To Summer

It is July 1st, and it is definitely summer time in Houston. Wow. Just a couple of days ago, I was sweating to death; today, I'm trying to stay dry. Have I mentioned lately that I did not miss Houston weather while I was away? I hate actually having to pay attention to the hurricane forecast. Boo.

This week, we have been dealing with Cullen's first serious illness. My little guy has a summer virus, and it sure is miserable around our house. I can't help but feel crummy with him moping around. The only way I know he's feeling better today is his super-active chase of Scout's rawhide. I'm beginning to think I should let him have a clean one for a few minutes to know he isn't missing out, but part of me knows that he might like it for teething. Ew.

Over the last month, Cullen has gone from semi-mobile to scary. I feel very strongly that there is a link between pride and fear that can only be found in parenting. I know I've mixed the two before, but it is such a pronounced experience with Cullen. I love that he's crawling, but now I feel like I can't leave him alone at all. Gone are the days of his naps on the living room floor.

I'm really thrilled to have a four-day weekend coming up. For some unknown reason, my company decided to give us Friday AND Monday off for July 4th. I have a ton of things to take care of tomorrow, but that means I have three days of enjoying my family. How lucky am I?

I'm going to take this weekend (as I should every single day) to love on my family, spend time with friends, and count my blessings.

xoxo ashley

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