Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Big Guy

The last week has been so exciting in our house. Cullen is eating more and more modified table food, so we are spending less and less time spoon-feeding. I think we're all breathing a sigh of relief there! I've also decided to start making multiple meals on Sunday and freezing them. A girl in my office recommended the idea, so I decided to take it for a spin. This past Sunday, I made enchiladas, sauce, and chicken and dumplings.

Since Cullen has been eating what we're eating, I gave him a little sampler for dinner that night. He seemed to enjoy the meatball I gave him far more than anything else. It was so funny to watch him feed himself, and he's clearly very proud of this improving skill. The best part was when he got too full, too fast. I guess he thought a little catnap was a good idea, so he dozed off right there in his highchair. I'm going to have to remember that meatball night is also early bedtime night.
He slept there for a good twenty minutes before we woke him up for a bath and bedtime.

Cullen is also getting to the point where I'm starting to think he may want a pillow in his crib. I keep telling myself that it's a terrible idea, but this is how I found him sleeping on Saturday morning.
I think he actually wants something to rest his head on!

The most exciting news by far is that Cullen is crawling like a big boy now! He just seems to have gotten a full grasp of it last night, so pictures should be up by the time I post next week. He is really proud of himself, and it is really exciting for me! This morning I clapped my hands and cheered for him a bit, so when he reached his destination, he sat himself up and clapped his hands. Every single day is a new adventure!

When we got to daycare this morning, we found out that Cullen is going to be moving to a new room in a few weeks. He is apparently terrorizing the younger kids by crawling across them and under them when they're in the jumper. There are two other kids in the class that are doing the same thing, so they are all moving up together. I get the feeling that August 23rd is going to be a sad morning for me. My little man is growing up (just a teeny tiny bit).

xoxo Ashley

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