Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Family Time

One more busy weekend behind us with a bittersweet one up ahead.

This past weekend, my college roommate, Katie, came to visit. It was such a breath of fresh air to spend time with her. I love that we can chat about everything and nothing; I love that we can sit in absolute silence and be comfortable; I love that Katie can completely tune me out while watching tv. Some things will never ever change. :)

Saturday morning was spent at Cullen's school painting his old classroom. We were there for almost four hours, and I can't ever thank Katie enough for being willing to help out. I don't know many of my friends that would have been such a willing participant.

While Katie and I painted, Cullen and James spent the morning at home. Cullen started out his morning with a farm animal puzzle and some milk with Scout. These two are the very best of friends.
Saturday night, we met up with my parents, my brother, and my brother's family for a big dinner at Lupe Tortilla. We LOVE Lupe Tortilla. A few pounds of beef fajitas and lots of margaritas later, we spent a couple of hours visiting, eating, and letting the kids play. I was so very happy to get to spend that time with Chris and Jess, and I even remembered to have Katie take a family photo of the nine of us. Of course, it's on my other camera where I may never remember to print it... At least I'm honest. :)

One of the best parts of Saturday night was Claire and Cullen playing together. It isn't very clear, but I got a precious picture of them trying to show each other their bellybuttons.  
It totally and completely breaks my heart that Chris and Jess are heading to Okinawa on Sunday, but I love that Cullen has gotten to spend so much quality time with his cousins this summer. Before we know it, their family will be home, and the kids will be together again. This weekend, we're going to try to squeeze in a little more family time before they go.

On Sunday afternoon, we made it over to Peg and Andy's for some pool time, play time, and dinner. Cullen insisted from inside the house that it was time for the pool. I love how verbal he is getting, and I love that we understand more and more everyday. After about three minutes in the pool, he was ready to swing. Although James isn't sold on the idea, I think we might be getting a swing set for the back yard. Cullen LOVES it. We kept asking if he wanted to get out of the swing and swim. He absolutely refused. When he finally did get back to the pool, he made certain to collect an audience before jumping into the pool over and over. I love my little water baby! 
We are now on week two of not carpooling, and it seems to be getting a little easier. Cullen spent the first three days screaming, "Where's Daddy?" the entire drive home. O.M.G. So stressful, and not something I could fix. His new thing is to yell "GO!" when I slow down for traffic or a red light.

Last night, Cullen was pretty insistent the he was not going to be leaving school. I finally picked him up, tucked him under my arm and put him in the car. I figured if I made it that far, I could convince him to get into the seat with promises of Stella, Scout, and Daddy. I think he figured out that it was a total ploy, and he was not buying into it.

I have no idea how long the director of Cullen's school watched me struggle, but she finally emerged with a lollipop for Cullen. She told him he could have it once he was in his seat. Like this compliant little being (that he totally isn't), he climbed into his seat and even buckled the seat belt. This was Cullen's first experience with a lollipop, and I think we could successfully call it love. By the time we got home, his hands, hair, clothes, neck, face, legs, shoes, and car seat were covered in yummy orange sugar. He was pretty ticked off when I carried him straight from the car to the bathtub.
Moments like these (while completely frustrating) absolutely crack me up. He is all boy, and I love it all. I'm a lucky mommy to get to be Cullen's mommy.

xoxo ashley

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