Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cullen Time

Look who found a new favorite food group... He loves bacon. I loved him before, but I'd be lying if I said his love for bacon didn't totally warm my heart. Yum yum bacon. How cute is he?
Almost as much as he loves bacon, he loves his best friend. Scout tolerates his affection as much as she tolerates his mean streaks. They're ridiculously cute together.
And who is this cute little kid who is totally not a baby anymore? What happened here?
 Cullen got this awesome hooded towel from his friend, Madison. The hood is a little Baylor helmet. So ridiculously cute. He wants to wear it around the house as a cape.
 I've been letting Cullen's hair get pretty long. I'm somewhat neglectful about haircuts for Cullen.
 This time, I let Cullen's hair get even longer than usual. I forgot how much he looks like a big boy when his hair is short.  
This past weekend, we headed out to Galveston for a friend's wedding reception. We got to see a lot of old friends, and we made time for a pit stop in a local gift shop. Cullen listened to the ocean in a shell while I bought a little gift for an upcoming birthday.
The next day, we headed to Kingwood for a birthday party that lasted all day and evening. It is always fun to spend time with friends, and we all had so much fun. In between all of our activities, we've also been squeezing in lots of time with the Dement/Little family. Cullen is loving his cousin time.

Today has already been pretty busy. I started with boot camp and then a visit to the newest open Rudy's BBQ. They were passing out gift cards and comping everyone's breakfast, so I definitely made time for that. Now I'm catching up on blogging before heading over to Peg and Andy's to celebrate the holiday. A busy day in the busy life of a lucky girl!

xoxo ashley

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