Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nap Free In Katy?

Can I just put out there how much I love nap time? I LOVE nap time. What an awesome time of day. When Cullen naps, I either take a nap or indulge in some quiet time, but Cullen is trying to give up naps. The funny thing is how he's completely fine with no naps one day and falling to sleep at the table the next day.
While I was in New York, Cullen spent time over at Camp Dement. Nap skipped.
 Play time with Steph's kids... Nap skipped.
A long day with too much time at Academy and a birthday party. Nap skipped.
 Too many errands with Mommy and not enough time at home. Nap skipped.

I need to put more effort in helping the cause of nap time. If I don't, I may never have time to read again!

xoxo ashley

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  1. LOVE the goggles on his head! This kid is too cute.