Monday, July 16, 2012

Water, Water, Water

Has anyone been outside lately in Houston? It's been raining. And raining. And raining. We haven't had to water the yard in ages, and there's no way we could keep up with the grass. What a difference from last year! There are some frustrating days, but I'm trying to be really thankful for the break in the heat. I'm sure the mosquitoes will be awesome...

Cullen and I have been spending more time with play dates and outings as my impending return to work gets closer and closer. Cullen and I went in to visit his old school while the director was there. We're all hoping that work will allow me to put him back in as a student at Little Blooms. He loved spending time with Miss Marie and Froggy.
He's a handsome kid, right?
I noticed a little over a week ago that all of Cullen's clothes were getting too small. It's amazing what a difference a week makes in the size of a toddler. The first night I bumped him up to 3T pajamas, he was thrilled to find that he owned pajamas with Lightning McQueen on them.
While we were out shopping for 3T clothes, we stopped at Sbarro for pizza. Cullen ate one of James' pieces of pizza. It was his first Sbarro experience, and he didn't hesitate to impress us with how much he ate.
While the Little family has been in town, Lauren and Cullen really have become attached to one another. They seemed pretty loving on the last trip, but this trip has solidified their attachment. We took the kids to Rainforest Cafe for a fun lunch, only to find that Cullen HATES Rainforest Cafe. Lauren spent a large portion of her lunch on the floor next to Cullen's stroller to keep him happy.
After loads of planning, we finally headed out to Great Wolf Lodge last week. Our group of ten required two cars, and we were lucky enough to get Lauren in our car with us. She and Cullen watched movies, played with toys, and laughed the whole drive there.
 Some might expect loads of pictures from our trip. Nope. Not a one. Oops. At least we got car pictures. Like when Lauren and Cullen dueled with wands on the drive home.
 On our way home, we made a pit stop at the Blue Bell Creameries. I love this picture of Cullen not being a part of the cousins group. He played with them all so well until it was picture time.
The creamery was a really neat experience, and we all had fun with it. What isn't fun about red velvet cake ice cream? As soon as we got into the car, Cullen was out. Naps all around. 
 Early tomorrow morning, the Little family is heading back to Kentucky. Cullen will miss out on his family time, and so will we. We can't wait to see them again!

xoxo ashley

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