Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grandma Lynn and Wiley Visit

For the end of July and the beginning of August, James' parents got to come in town for a visit. It is always nice to have some extra family time, and Cullen loves seeing his Grandma Lynn and Wiley. For the most part, Cullen has dropped the Grandpa from Grandpa Wiley. As the first grandkid, I think he gets naming rights, and he's taking full advantage.

Lynn got Cullen an adorable firefighter outfit complete with jacket, boots and umbrella. I'm hoping the outfit still fits Cullen for Halloween, and he can use it as a costume and for fun around the house.

Cullen also got to spend some extra time with Papaw. Papaw was such a good sport with Cullen. He watched Cars with Cullen on the way to dinner.
And a couple of days later, Cullen showed Papaw how to work the iPad.
Cullen also learned how funny Daddy can be. Cullen stacked up every pillow on James, and then James would pull the imaginary string.
The pillows go flying, and Cullen giggles like crazy. It's been so fun to watch his laugh make the change from baby giggle to little boy laugh.
One of the days Lynn and Wiley were here, Corie and Will and John and Connie came into town, so we all got together for a quick lunch. 

Cullen thinks he is so sneaky. He loved standing behind Grandma Lynn on the couch and then popping up in front of her.  
For our last meal together, we had a great dinner at the new Rudy's out by our house. Cullen ate bread, a brownie, and a huge sucker. Sometimes Cullen being happy is all that counts. 

Before we know it, we'll be celebrating Cullen's birthday, and we're hoping to have James' parents back in town then. We can't wait!

xoxo ashley

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