Sunday, August 12, 2012

Noah's Birthday

Yesterday, we went out to the children's museum to celebrate Noah's birthday. It was such a fun place for a birthday party, and Cullen had a great time. As usual, James managed to look like fun to the other kids. This little boy asked James to help put his power ranger on the jet ski. Cullen was not pleased. I love it. Possessive little thing. 
Next, we went inside and played in the pretend HEB for a while. Cullen picked out lots of different foods and checked out with Daddy.
Funny enough, Cullen decided that he loved this fish. I'm got half a dozen better pictures of him, but I love this expression on his face when I asked him to show me his fish. So excited!
 After play time, it was on to pizza and koolaid and cake and presents. Cullen had never had Koolaid before, and I think he's in love.  
 He even let us stick some Mickey ears on him for a couple of seconds. 

After the party, we stuck around for just a little bit to play independently. Cullen and James built a great little log cabin. Cullen had a great time.
xoxo ashley

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