Friday, August 17, 2012

I'll Have S'more Fun

Does anybody remember this little guy from last week? 
His little buddy came in the mail on Monday. And by little buddy, I mean two canisters of butane. Of course, I decided that flaming things up on Monday night was more important than sleep, so I proceeded to make my own marshmallow fluff.

It seems to me that marshmallow is always nicely accompanied by some chocolate, so I whipped up some chocolate cake. Let's be honest here, I only ate one of these cupcakes, and it didn't happen until Wednesday night. On Monday, I ate the toasted marshmallow fluff with a spoon. I have no willpower. None. Not even a tiny little bit. 

Back to the good stuff. I lined up cupcakes along the island, toasted one side of each, spun the entire row, toasted the other side, and boxed them.  
I love how you can actually see the flame hugging the curves of the fluff in this one.  
James was impressed with my skills.
Of course, there was leftover fluff, and James didn't see the merit in eating the fluff straight out of the bowl. So we made s'mores. Tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing.
This has been a fun week filled with time with friends. Lunches, dinners, Williams-Sonoma shopping/registering... I love getting to spend time with our friends, and I've been blessed with lots of that time this week. Next up, we have a weekend filled with more friend time. Can't wait!

xoxo ashley

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