Sunday, August 12, 2012

Keeping Up

We have really been keeping busy this summer, and we had so much fun while I was at home. I got so many projects done (and so many more started), and we got in a ton of family time.

In July, we got to go to precious Joshua's firefighter themed birthday party. It's a pretty rare occasion that we can get Cullen to wear something other than James' Baylor hat on his head, so I was so happy to see him wearing a firefighter's hat and a smile.

For my birthday, I bought myself an iPad. Since it seemed pretty redundant to have the iPad and a Kindle, I sold my old Kindle on Amazon. I was sad to see it go, but I am loving the iPad, and the Kindle app is really great.
Of course, the day after I paid off a huge chunk of debt, our dryer started to smell like it was on fire. Since we are SO handy (but not at all), James and I took the opportunity to pull the back off of the dryer and check things out. James Googled some things, and I think that made us experts. I'm not sure what was wrong, but it isn't wrong anymore.
 Cullen and Scout have been best friends for almost three years now. They're pretty keen on parallel play. Here, Scout chews on a rawhide while Cullen plays on my phone.
 By next spring, Cullen will be eligible to get started in all sorts of sports. He's been happy to practice catch with James, so I decided to take a video. How cute, right? Father and son play catch with a baseball in the upstairs living room. Mom sits at a safe distance while videoing. Until it wasn't cute anymore, and Cullen popped me in the knee with the ball.
The next day, I bought Cullen a tee ball set. Hollow ball. Outdoors. Much improved.
xoxo ashley

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