Thursday, August 30, 2012

Survival Of The Fittest

 Let's get started with some food pictures, shall we? I got asked to do some cake balls for a friend's white party. She did decor, food, etcetera all in white, and it was beautiful. It was fun to make the cake balls all in white, too. A little sugar dust on top helped them to really sparkle!
Just last week, I got a call from an unknown number on my cell phone. I'll be the first to tell you that I don't answer when the number is unknown . I also don't answer if I don't have you saved in my phone. Why should I? Call me from a new number, and I can almost guarantee that I will screen your call. Just a little FYI...

Anyway, I get this call and send it to voicemail. The message is from a really great gal who works for a local placement agency. Since I found my current gem of a job through a placement agency, they hold a special place in my heart. She's looking for a new place (that isn't a grocery store) to make cookies and the like for the employers she works with. Enter me.

I made up a little sample of cupcakes, and she loves them, so we're starting out with an order next week. I love growth in my business, and I'm so delighted that this little moment of growth was a personal referral from someone I've never even met.  
James was at the deer lease this past weekend, so Cullen and I shared some precious Mommy & Me time. I love time with my little guy. Of course, James decided it would be a good idea to bring home some local wildlife. Meet Mister T.
Y'all, I have a turtle living in a cooler in my living room. As I type this, he is eating my over-priced, organic spring mix for lunch. I feel kinda bad for the little guy, but he must get out of my house. He goes back to the deer lease in a little over a week. Until then, Cullen is in love with him, checks on him before bedtime and first thing in the morning, and named him T. I call him Mister T. James says it's too formal, but I think I'm hilarious. If I didn't feel so bad for the creepy little thing, I'd get him some gold mardi gras beads. I pity the fool!


Also over the weekend, Cullen decided that he's afraid of the lion in his bed. He's been sleeping on a little pallet I made for him next to his bed. I wish I could tell you what he's actually afraid of. When I ask him why he's afraid of the lion, he responds with, "I just am." Or if I ask where the lion is, he responds with, "He's gone." Because he doesn't sleep well on the floor, I'm not sleeping well either. If anybody wants to send some prayers our way for better sleep, I'd be ever so thankful.

Cullen got his teeth cleaned on Tuesday. For the first time ever, we talked him into sitting in the chair. He was such a big kid. I love that little guy. 
And just a little feel-good story for your Thursday. I think we all know how I feel about crummy customer service people. Just ask the receptionist at Cullen's dentist's office. She crossed me one too many times on Tuesday morning. Anyhow, I started getting text messages from AT&T recently saying that I had reached 65% and 90% of my data plan. I didn't pay too much attention to it, because I wasn't sure how I could reach 65% of my unlimited plan. As it turns out, I had been removed from my grandfathered-in-never-eligible-for-it-again unlimited data plan. After a couple of hours on the phone and me being seriously polite, I was told that I would find out in the next week if they could do anything to help me. Yesterday, I got a text from AT&T letting me know that my unlimited plan had been reinstated. So there ya go. Be nice to people when they're nice to you, and it can work out for you. As for the receptionist from Tuesday, she was stupid. And ugly. And downright irritating. She deserved what she got.

Coming up soon, we have Labor Day weekend. There will be lots of test kitchen recipes and goodies for friends and family. And naps. Lots of naps. I can't wait!

xoxo ashley

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