Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Magic

Christmas is a magical time of year. It's an amazing time when we're reminded of Santa, Jesus, love, and absolute magic. I have always loved Christmas. Always. Always. Always. There's just something about the way people make an extra effort to make things prettier, nicer, and more positive.

Being a parent makes Christmas even more magical. As we struggle to teach the fine balance between Jesus and Santa, giving and receiving, and always remembering to give back, I see a new light in my son's eyes. A light that tells me that he knows this time is special. A light that tells me that he's beginning to get it.

We recently introduced Cullen to The Polar Express. He is in love with this story in both movie and book form. And who wouldn't be? I remember being in awe of the movie years ago when James and I saw it at an iMax theatre. I love seeing that same feeling in Cullen when he watches in the comfort of our living room.

I want Cullen to know that Jesus is the real celebration behind Christmas, but I also want him to know that the Santa part is important, too. I feel like there is a very important part of childhood that comes from believing in things. Sometimes you can't touch them or see them, but we believe just the same. I want to believe. I want Cullen to believe.
In the spirit of Christmas, we adopted Otis, we put up two trees, we started doing an advent calendar, and Cullen and I talk every day on the drive home about the upcoming celebration for Jesus' birthday. Maybe this won't be the year that he completely gets it, but I can't force him. I'm just going to keep talking about it, and, one day, it will be a conversation we can share together.

xoxo ashley

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