Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nutcracker Market

It's been over a month since some of my blog-worthy moments, but I'm determined to catch up.


Early in November, there is always the Nutcracker Market. And because Tera and I are suckers for crafty markets and girl time when it isn't feasible to have kids with us, we were all over it. We are every year, and I think we always will be. My mom is getting a little less irritated each year that she is not invited to go with us.
It is basically a day filled with Starbucks, tons of walking, an excess of spending, and almost enough time to get caught up with one another. Tera is one of my favorite friends, but we rarely get to see each other. We hardly ever talk on the phone, but we usually manage to text one another on a regular basis.  The Nutcracker Market is our time together, and I am beyond thankful that she makes the trip down each year and that my husband is gracious enough to take over Cullen duties while I shop. Sometimes it is just the little things.

xoxo ashley

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