Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I know that being proud isn't something we should boast about. I know that pride is one of the seven deadly sins. I try to keep from being intensely prideful in the things I do, but it is so hard to not be proud of the people I love. That's why something my husband told me just makes my heart burst with happiness.

The holidays have been a crazy, busy time for Scout, and I have been surviving on less and less sleep. I don't mind doing it, because I know that I'm working hard for what I want and teaching my son the value of hard work. I know that this hard work will pay off.

Sometimes the payout is monetary, and sometimes it is just a feeling. After baking just shy of 200 cupcakes last night, my husband told me, "I'm so proud of what you've done with Scout."

I couldn't have done it all without him, and, for that man, I am so thankful. And when he says he's proud of me, it makes me think that pride isn't so bad every once in a while.

xoxo ashley

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