Monday, March 17, 2014

We Are Baylor

James and I are Baylor fans. By default, that means that our boys are Baylor fans.

This past season was the last for Floyd Casey stadium. It was a little bit bittersweet. James and I watched so many games in that stadium as students and many more as alumni.

There was no question that we would be attending the game. I was able to snag tickets for all four of us, and we were ready to go. In the prepping process, Cullen tried on James' old Baylor Line jersey. Someday, he might wear it to a Baylor game. Misty mommy over here.
Harrison wore a bear shirt. Truth be told, it was so cold that day, that no one knew who you were supporting by what you were wearing.
The week leading up to the game, we found out about an arctic blast headed to Texas. We were still going. It wouldn't be that bad. Hm.

The wind chill was 12 degrees at kickoff. The only reason I took that bundled blanket on my front into the game was because I knew Cullen wouldn't last long. Harrison was done before we ever even kicked off, so we headed down to the one of the only two heated areas in the stadium. Within fifteen minutes, Cullen was over it, too. 
James walked us back to the car, and I took the boys back to the hotel while James watched the game. It was an expensive adventure, but at least the boys can technically say they were at the last game at Floyd Casey. Technically.

xoxo ashley

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