Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Harrison's Baptism Weekend

Harrison's baptism was on January 12, 2014. We were lucky enough to have Bob & Karlene come in for the weekend to share in the festivities. It was a great time for them to meet Harrison. 
And great for them to get to know big kid Cullen. He is in love with Aunt Karlene.
Cullen was ready for some outside time, so he got to climb a tree.

And my mom got this car for Harrison to play with at her house. Since it's really more of a Cullen-sized treat for now, Cullen "showed him how to use it."
Cullen was really disappointed to find that the pool was too cold to swim in, but he talked Nana and Karlene into getting in with him on the steps. They were both pretty shocked to find just how cold the water was.
Of course, I can't find any pictures of the actual baptism, but there's this precious one of the boys after everyone headed home.
We have two amazing little blessings at home, and we were so thrilled to share this day with family and a couple of friends who might as well be family. And what better reason to have BBQ than a baptism?

xoxo ashley

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