Friday, March 14, 2014

October 2013 Oil Ranch Visit

Every fall, I go in search of the best place to pick a pumpkin. So far, I haven't found that magical place, but the kids always have fun, and we all sleep well after all of the fresh air. This year, we headed to the Oil Ranch. It was expensive, crowded, and not very well kept. I was pretty bummed about that one, but at least Cullen had a good time!
We got to pet animals,
climb in a haystack with Daddy,
climb in a haystack with Mommy,
milk a cow,
(seriously, he milked a cow!),
enjoy fresh air and sunshine,
ride a train with Lola,
take outdoor naps,
play on tractor tires,
and pick out pumpkins.
It's too bad they don't stay little. 

xoxo ashley

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