Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Boys Being Boys

This is just a little catch up of the boys over the last few months. Just our boys being boys.
Cullen has grown to love Monkey Joe's, and he asks at least once a week if he can have his birthday party there. I keep telling him we'll re-visit his request in September.
This is the happiest baby I've ever met. Seriously, ridiculously happy.
I love this little face and all of his expressions.
When we're at a little boy's birthday party, what is James supposed to do? Encourage another dad to bounce on the trampoline with him. Moments like this remind me why I will never be the cool parent in our house. 
Rain boots boy.
Our little answered prayer.
Mohawk helmet, shooting glasses, and a fire hose. How do you drive your Power Wheels?
Blue-eyed baby.
Cullen has discovered booster seats and pancakes at Cracker Barrel. The only place he'll sit in a booster.
James' company held a vendor appreciation event at Minute Maid this year. They all got to go on the field to bat.
BBQ Baby
Little Lion Man
James got tickets to a Rockets game on a Friday night. Between the cold weather and my general fatigue, I opted to stay home and send Cullen in my place. They didn't make it through much of the game before heading home, but Cullen loved his boy time with Daddy.
Getting ready for bed.
Early morning hugs.
Little Big Guy
He's a big kid these days, but the car seat naps still happen from time to time.
First photographic evidence of Harrison sitting up on his own.
Like father, like son. Harrison ends up in our bed more often than I'd like to admit, and I usually leave him there in the mornings. He sleeps better, and I get more of a chance to get ready for work. I just love that they sleep in the exact same position.
I bought this little shirt for Cullen to wear to the rodeo when he was tiny. Unfortunately, it was way too big for him. Lucky for me, I am a hoarder of baby clothes, and it was just right for Harrison on Go Texan day.
Handsome little guy.
Sitting up in the baby bath.
Another piece from my baby hoarding collection. This one was my nephew's first. Then Cullen's. And now Harrison's. I love seeing baby clothes get used. It makes me feel less guilty when I buy them.
They grow too fast. I take as many pictures as I can. And hold them even more.

xoxo ashley

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