Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cullen Projects

As Cullen gets bigger, he is growing more and more independent. I love seeing him develop, and I'm really enjoying his sense of accomplishment when he gets things done. 

Look at his first official project. I wasn't home, so James got to help with this one. You can see where he got bored and didn't feel like coloring anymore. You can also see where all the cotton balls have gone. We can always buy more, and Cullen was so proud.
I've also started letting him help more in the kitchen. I think we were making blueberry muffins here, and he loved stirring the batter. Lucky for me, he lost interest before it was time to put the batter in the tin. We all know how I feel about messes. 
Every day is a new day with Cullen, and it is so fun to watch him grow. I love his independence, but I'm already missing him needing me all the time.

xoxo ashley

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