Friday, March 14, 2014

Fall Sports Wrap Up

Right in this time frame is when I got my new iPhone. I bet you can tell the difference in these pictures. Wow. 

Cullen wrapped up his tee ball season so well. He grew and learned so many new things, and we were really proud of the effort he put in. He looks so tiny. 
He learned the importance of listening to his coach and the basics of the game.
His coach learned to jump out of the way when Cullen was at bat. 
He even got his first trophy out of the deal!
And James got his first coach's trophy. :)

Soccer was a disaster from the very beginning, so we're all pretty glad to have that season behind us. Does anybody else know those moms that make you feel awful, because you sleep at night?
Like this mom? The one who made a soccer player out of snacks, a juice box, and a ping pong ball? I brought Capri Suns and crackers. At least the Capri Suns were reduced sugar...
Cullen also earned this fancy trophy. Competitor. Not really. 

xoxo ashley

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