Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Tee Ball

I don't think I've ever seen a tee ball season with more rain. We hardly had any practices before the season started between the rain and the cold. On the first day of practice, the coach cancelled less than thirty minutes before it was due to start. Cullen was heartbroken.
Since they were both already dressed for the cold, James took Cullen into the back yard for his own personal practice. 
Cullen has shown so much improvement over last season, and it's really showing.
He's even gotten better about what to do with his bat after batting. He hasn't hit one single coach in the shins yet.
Before the season officially started, they had opening day ceremonies. The boys were in a parade, and there were games and competitions.Cullen did a really great job and actually came in first in tee ball in a competition involving batting, fielding and running. He is really proud of himself, and I think it is helping tremendously with his playing.
He is learning so many great skills on the field that will apply everywhere else in life. Go A's!

xoxo ashley

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